The Magic Cauldron

The Magic Cauldron is an Augmented Reality mobile application that offers an unique experience. The child, impersonating a sorcerer's apprentice, discovers a magic cauldron, capable of creating life. The trouble starts when Arkan, a devilish creature, arrives!

The child will need to complete 3 types of activities based on the placing fractions on a number line. The child will be able to use the game pieces of the Potion Workshop, which are recognized by the tablet with Augmented Reality.

Game material

The Magic Chauldron needs to be played with the materiel in this file :
- The main game sheet
- The game pieces that need to be cut out
- The storage sheet for the game pieces
- The user guide (in French)

You can also create your game material with thicker material like wood, as well as a tray for storing the pieces, with these laser cut files.



We thank all the teachers and students who participated in this experiment.

Data confidentiality policy

The application Le Chaudron Magique saves the progress in the game, in a local file, on the phone or the tablet. This allows you to resume the game where the player stopped the last time. This file will be deleted automatically if you uninstall the application.

If the player is connected, with a pseudonym, in the beginning of the game, The Magic Cauldron application also saves data in an online database. This information concerns the progress in the game, the pieces used to succeed in the activities, the clicks on the help and the number of times that an activity is erroneous.

This data is collected anonymously and only if the player logs in with a pseudonym (no valid email required).

This data is used for LIUM's research on digital tools for learning.

For any questions regarding the data collected by the application and the necessary authorizations, please contact

The application uses Augmented Reality technology to recognize the cards and game pieces. It therefore needs authorization to access the camera behind the smartphone or tablet. The access to this camera is only used when the application is active on the screen.