Project progress

September 2020

Beginning of the project and signature of the contact between LIUM and Plaisir Maths for 1 year. Sofiane TOUEL (research engineer) and Hajar OUBAAQA (education designer) join the project.

October 2020

Meeting with pilot teachers to identify the pedagogical difficulties and co- design the mathematical activities with Augmented Reality that could facilitate learning these concepts.

Octobre 2020

Release of the Quizz App application prototype, version alpha.

December 2020

Publication of the first scientific article related to the project: « Analysis of Mixed Reality Tools for Learning Math in Primary and Secondary School ». This article is a state of the art on Mixed Reality applications for learning mathematics, presented during the Games and Learning Alliance international conference. The article is published in the proceedings of the conference.

January 2021

Release of the Magic Cauldron application prototype, version Alpha.

January 2021

Graphic makeover of the Quizz App with a style coherent with the Atelier des Potions.

January 2021

Development and deployment of the SMART-Fractions website.

30th of January 2021

Graphic makeover of the Magic Cauldron application with a style coherent with the Atelier des Potions.

February 2021

Recruiting local pilot teachers from the Eugène Hairy primary school, in Laval : Aurélie Derenne and Hélène Hardy (Fourth and Fifth grade teachers)

March 2021

Shooting of the presentation video of the SMART-Fractions project.

April 2021

Finalizing the story for the Magic Cauldron and choosing the good and the bad guy.

June 2021

Experimentation with Anaïs RICHART's class, Jean PERRIN middle school, Paris.

July 2021

Publication of the scientific article: « Designing a Mixed Reality Extension for an Educational Board Game on Fractions in the International Journal of Virtual Reality.

December 2021

Creation of new game material that match the shapes of the game pieces. Teachers can download the files to print and cut them out.

January 2022

Experimentation of the Magic Cauldron with 2 classes of CM1-CM2 at the Eugène Hairy school and 1 class of 5éme CEGPA of the Allain Gerbault middle school in Laval.

March 2022

Creation of the new game material with laser-cut wooden pieces and storage tray.

April 2022

Experimentation of Quizz App and the Magic Cauldron with 6 classes of the Foresterie middle school, Bonnetable, near Le Mans.

June 2022

Editing of a video that presents the experimentations led in 2022, with more than 100 students in 4 different schools.
We have also put together a walkthrough video that shows the complete gameplay.